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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary A JMI-compliant template-based code generator.
Categories libraries, design
License BSD License
Owner(s) sunye


Bosco is a code generator tool: it generates the underlying model (also called repository) for any modeling language expressed in MOF. In other words, it reads XMI files and generates the corresponding source code, in different object-oriented languages (Java, Eiffel, Python, C++). In the case of Java, the generated code implements the JMI interfaces.

Bosco is written in Python and uses Cheetah, a template engine. More precisely, the code generation is driven by template files, which merges source code with Cheetah statements (#for, #if, etc.). Thanks to this, the generation is highly configurable: one can add new features to generated code without writting a single line of Python.


Small example

XMI Element

The element below commes from the UML 1.5 specification. It describles the metaclass Class, and its only attribute, isActive:

<Model:Class annotation="" isAbstract="false" isLeaf="false" isRoot="false" isSingleton="false" 
name="Class" supertypes="a32989FB2023D" visibility="public_vis" xmi.id="a3298A02900FE">
<Model:Attribute annotation="" isChangeable="true" isDerived="false" name="isActive"
scope="instance_level" type="a33DD6F650276" visibility="public_vis" xmi.id="a33F24B5A0190">
<Model:MultiplicityType is_ordered="false" is_unique="false" lower="1" upper="1"/>


A Cheetah template files merges text with simple statements (#set, #if #else, #for) and some Python code. The following template is a simplified version of the one that generates Java interfaces for MOF classes.

package $(class.container.idl_prefix).$(class.container.name);
#set $hasparents = $len($class.supertypes)    > 0 
#set $parents_str = ', '.join(map(lambda x: x.container.idl_prefix+'.'+x.container.name+'.'+x.name,$class.supertypes))

#if $hasparents
public interface $(class.name) extends $parents_str {
public interface $(class.name) extends javax.jmi.reflect.RefObject {
#end if

// Attributes:

#for attrs in $class.attributes()
#set $aux = $attrs.name.capitalize()
$(attrs.type.name) get${aux}() throws javax.jmi.reflect.JmiException;

}; // end of interface $(class.name)Class

Generated Java code

package org.omg.uml.Foundation.Core;
public interface Class extends org.omg.uml.Foundation.Core.Classifier {
// Attributes:
public void setActive(boolean aisActive) throws javax.jmi.reflect.JmiException; public boolean isActive() throws javax.jmi.reflect.JmiException;
}; // end of interface Class


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