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Bosco Users Guide

Gerson Sunyé



Chapter 1. Using Bosco

Getting Started

System Requirements

The current project requires a platform that supports both, Python (2.3 or later) and Java (1.4 or later). Java and Python can be dowloaded from their respective web sites: http://www.python.org and http://java.sun.com/j2se/downloads.html.

There are also two specific libraries that are needed to run Bosco:

  1. Cheetah

  2. Apache Ant

Cheetah is a template engine, used by Bosco to easly generate code. It is available from its web site: http://cheetahtemplate.org.

Ant is a java based build tool, similar to Make but much easier. It is available from its web site: http://ant.apache.org.

Other libraries

In order to execute the java code generated by Bosco, i.e. the JMI implementation, some extra libraries are also needed.

  1. jmi.jar

  2. xerces.jar

  3. dresden.jar

  4. junit.jar

  5. sablecc.jar

While these libraries are included in the Bosco files, a different version of these files can be specified in the build.properties as we will se later.

JMI is the acronym for Java Metadata Interface.

Getting Bosco

Installing Cheetah